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 Since 2006 CIS has been providing first hand Professional Surveying Services

throughout the great state of utah, ...   as well as NV, CO, WY, & AZ. 

Initially it was the initials.... of the founder, current owner and Licensed Professional,  Cory Ivan Squire.

But CIS has come to stand for much more...   other acronyms might include:

Comprehensive Innovative Solutions

Consistent Intuitive Superior 

Continually Improving Surveying   ... β€‹β€‹OR some of the Founder's Favorites:

                                                                   Consulting Ingineers and Surveyors  

                                                                   Constantly Improvised Swags 

                                                                      and finally... 

​                                                                   Crime Investigation Scene (due to some unattended survey equipment being blown up by the Salt Lake Bomb Squad)   :)