Must Have Google Earth installed to view KMZ or KML Files 

Download a Zip file with KMZ map with photos of Lucky Boy Mining Claim West of Mona


Download Example KMZ Map product 
of GPS Data gathered in Las Vegas

(Upon Download rename file to Vegas.KMZ) 

From large construction and development projects to smaller telecommunication, Commercial or residential surveys we can successfully complete  any project efficiently and professionally.

Download Google Earth Here ==>

State Wide Section, Township, Range 

(Upon Download rename file to PLSS.KMZ)

Download Example KML Map product 
of Rough Parcel lines

obtained from

(Upon Download rename file to Juab.KML) 



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  • Topographic and Site Plan Surveys
  • OSP Design and Right of Way
  • Utility & Pipeline Permitting
  • Plan and Profiles
  • GPS Data Collection and Mapping
  • GIS Mapping
  • Telecommunications 
  • Cell Towers (Small Cell and Macro)
  • ​​ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • Property Boundary Resolution 
  • Well Proofs / Water Rights
  • Mining Claim Surveys